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Preventative Medicine

At Capital Medical Clinic, our practice is focused on helping patients actively pursue health and well-being through preventive medicine. The aim of preventive medicine is to preserve good health; to prevent disease, injury, and disability; and to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of illness. Our efforts are delivered via a total team approach, combining established and effective measures with innovative thoughts on how to maintain your health.

When beginning a proactive preventive medicine program, we find it best to follow the following steps:

The first step is a thorough health screening to identify problems or discover risk factors for certain diseases.

The screening includes taking an extensive medical history and assessing lifestyle patterns for risk factors. A physical examination follows the screening, which may include laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic testing.

The next step in preventive medicine involves counseling.

If the person’s lifestyle has risk factors–such as smoking, over use of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, or improper diet. The preventive medicine physician will then either assist the patient or will direct the patient toward someone who will help him/her to acquire the knowledge, motivation, and skills needed to maintain healthful behavior.

Immunization against infectious diseases and chemoprophylaxis (medication to prevent future diseases) form the third step of preventative medicine.

Preventative medicine means looking at present and future risk factors to help patients achieve a healthy life.

We care about our patients’ continued well-being. Talk to one of our doctors about how Capital Medical Clinic can help you take control of your health. Call (512) 454-5171 to schedule an appointment.