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For every person you refer who starts and complete the 1st month of the program, you will receive a free weeks worth of food. That equals 3 ideal protein foods/$90.00! Whoever you refer will also get $50 off of their first consultation fee!

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Ideal Protein (Weight Loss Method)

Capital Medical Clinic’s doctors and Physician Assistants are committed to helping our patients lose weight, maintain weight loss and improve our patients’ health. Obesity and carrying excess weight can lead to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes and other medical conditions. Weight loss can lead to a number of important improvements in overall health.

While there are many weight loss methods, Capital Medical Clinic supports the Ideal Protein weight loss method. The program is supervised by our physicians and administered our trained health coaches. Patient’s receive weekly one on one support from the personal health coach to support the lifestyle change.


For more information, contact our trained health coach at 512-406-7825 or contact:

Shay Vasquez
Ideal Protein Coach
Capital Medical Clinic
1301 W. 38th Street Suite 601


Curbside Pickup Now Available

Every Saturday, from 11:30am-12 pm, our health coach will be located at the back of the building (facing 34th street) where you can pull up in your vehicle so she can bring your foods to you.

Shay is available to accept orders by email at or by using the Ideal Smart app by Ideal Protein. If this is your first time using this app, you will need to create a new user account and click on the purse icon located at the top left-hand side of the screen. Be sure to click on Capital Medical Clinic and you will be directed to the online store. Once you have successfully ordered your meals, I will receive a confirmation on my end.

Linda’s success story:

Lindas Weight LossI started this journey in September, 2019. A year prior, my cardiologist asked me during my visit, “do you move at all?”  I was then weighing 183 pounds. Not at all acceptable for an open heart surgery patient. My BMI was totally out of control. Needless to say, those words stuck in my mind the entire year. During that year I tried my best to lose the weight. I wasn’t successful. At my visit with my primary care doctor later that year, I shared with him my weight situation and disappointment of not being able to lose the weight. He then told me about the Ideal Protein Protocol. Asked me if I were interested, (I said yes) he contacted Ms. Shay Vasquez, Ideal Protein Coach, and asked her to give me a call.


Ms. Vasquez (Shay) sent me information on the protocol. I liked what I read. I called her and made my first appointment. 


Shay, my coach, explained everything to me about the protocol. She teaches the science of the weight loss protocol. There is a scientific reason behind our weight gain and our weight loss. To understand the how and why our bodies gain or lose weight is awesome. This knowledge helps me to stay on track with my successes and my failures. 


There are a variety of Ideal Protein foods to choose from; and they are quite tasty.


Since starting this program, I have lost 34 pounds and my BMI is about 26.1. I truly thank my cardiologist for asking me that question over a year ago; do you move at all? It was the push that I needed to do better, to be better in being a good steward of my health.


Kuddos to my coach Shay, she is the best!!

JoAnn’s success story:

Where to begin!  Never been “petite” always “pleasingly plump”😊. There was however a short period of time in the mid 70’s when I could shop at the 5-7-9 dress store.  Anybody remember that  shop in the mall?  I really didn’t see it coming; going from “pleasingly plump” to “obese”.  But as I blindly ate my way through life (enjoying every morsel) my doctors advised me to lose weight. You know the story.  Walking toward the scale at the doctors office already feeling defeated.  Then your blood test come back, cholesterol too high, AIC going up.  And with every year you get a year older. It’s not like you haven’t been trying.   But, clearly the short term diets and the temporary workouts, were all just good intentions. So I went from praying “God help me to lose weight”,  to “God help me to be healthy”🙏🏾 .A few years back my Primary Care Physician gave me information on Ideal Protein.  For a variety of reasons I was not ready.  Sometime later (2017) a co-worker began losing weight and shared information with me about Ideal Protein. Still wasn’t ready. Finally 2019!  God opened the door to health again and I was ready. One of my best friends’ heart doctor suggested Ideal Protein for her  and we began the Ideal Journey together and embraced the concept of healthy eating as a lifestyle. Since she and I are roommates we gave each other the constant support and encouragement we both needed to keep going; avoiding some of the pitfalls and pushing through others when we stumbled.

Ideal Protein was different. It is scientifically based so you can’t fail if you follow protocol. They didn’t just say “eat this not that”.  They explained the process so we could understand how our body reacts to the foods we eat.  2 weeks into the program I took a retirement trip to Oakland, a train ride to Seattle, back to Oakland ,then to Longview Texas.  Of course I had a struggles.  Right off the bat my sister told me not to come to Oakland on a diet!  I just took a deep breath, prayed and told my sister I was tired of being overweight, on cholesterol and high blood pressure medication. I also told her I would need her help, I think that got her lol! Long story short my trip taught me that I could enjoy family and friends on vacation while following Ideal protocol.

The people behind the program are serious about getting you to good health.  I appreciate being able to eat real food prepared right that tasted good!  The Ideal food was really good. The plan has changed my mindset toward food and cleansed my body of sugar and extra fat that was keeping my body was functioning at its best.  Of course,  there are some things I still miss. POPCORN!!  Man I miss popcorn. LOL!  By the time you read this I will be 50 lbs down! I feel so much better!  I have more energy! And now, I’m really looking forward to turning 67!

The plan works, the ideal protein foods are delicious and if I haven’t mentioned it; Shay is an awesome coach!