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Patient Telemed Appointment Instructions

An email will be sent to patients 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. The email will include the link to login.

Within the email, patients should click the blue text that reads Login to be directed to their telemedicine appointment login screen.

The following screen will appear for patients to sign in and check in to their telemedicine appointment.

As a patient, your assigned Patient ID should automatically appear within the login screen. All you need to do is enter your Date of Birth in the empty field box before clicking Sign In.

After you click Sign In, you will be taken to a screen that reads Bulletin Board and Visits & Appointments.

Under Visits & Appointments, click the blue text that reads: Click Here to view details. to be taken to the following screen.

You may need to scroll down to view and click Start Video Visit to begin your telemed appointment. Your device should then ask for permission to use your camera and microphone. Please allow use.

Once you allow use of your device’s camera and microphone, wait for the provider to connect with you via video call.

***DO NOT close out of the webpage or screen until your appointment has ended.***

The Pre-Visit Check can be skipped but we do not recommend skipping it as it allows the clinic to see if your device is okay for a telemedicine call. That way we can help troubleshoot if there are any shown issues.