Capital Medical Clinic’s doctors and Physician Assistants are committed to helping our patients lose weight, maintain weight loss and improve our patients’ health. Obesity and carrying excess weight can lead to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes and other medical conditions. Weight loss can lead to a number of important improvements in overall health.

While there are many weight loss methods, Capital Medical Clinic supports the Ideal Protein weight loss method. The program is supervised by our physicians and administered our trained health coaches. Patient’s receive weekly one on one support from the personal health coach to support the lifestyle change.

For more information, contact our trained health coach at 512-406-7825 or contact:

Shay Vasquez
Ideal Protein Coach
Capital Medical Clinic
1301 W. 38th Street Suite 601

Last 10 years of a person’s Life

Curbside Pickup: This week, I am offering curbside pick up every Saturday, from 1-2 pm. I will be located at the back of the building (34th street side) where you can pull up in your vehicle and I will bring your foods to you. Shay is available to accept orders by, email at or by using our Ideal Smart app by Ideal Protein. If this is your first time using this app, you will need to create a new user account and click on the purse icon located at the top left-hand side of the screen. Be sure to click on Capital Medical Clinic and you will be directed to the online store. Once you have successfully ordered your meals, I will receive a confirmation on my end.

Chef Prepared Meals: Ideal Protein chef prepared meals by Crave-It will be delivered to your home. Please use this link to place your order: Your order will go directly to Crave-It and they will complete the order and deliver it to your home for free. Since our clinic offers different pricing please use the 20% off code: capmed20 to offset the difference. This is a great way to stay safe and compliant without having to leave your home.


New Incentive Program – April – May : Who doesn’t LOVE savings!!!

Below are four ways you can SAVE!:

  1. For every patient that loses 8+ lbs in the month of April you will receive 10% off of your 1st weeks May Order, We will use the Ideal Protein Scale and app or we will use your home scale to weigh-in during our weekly appointments.

  2. For every patient that completes a weekly virtual meeting with me in the month of April you will receive 50% off a box of your choice in the 1st week of May (you must to be following the full protocol in Phase 1, 2 or 3 and purchasing the required amount of foods per week in each of the phases, for those that purchased weeks in advance that will be taken into account)

  3. Refer a friend, family member, neighbor or someone you know that could benefit from Ideal Protein, if they start and complete the 1st month of the program you will receive a free weeks worth of food (equaling 3 ideal protein foods/$90.00), I will also offer your referral $50 off of their consultation fee

  4. All patients that are in Maintenance, if you complete 1 virtual appointment with me during the month of April and have a maintenance plan in place, you will receive 10% off of the 1st weeks order in May.

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