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On Sunday, March 7, 2021, our Clinic Manager ran a Covid vaccine drive-thru clinic. She and her team organized a smooth yet efficient process to administer safely administer a first Covid-19 vaccine dose to scheduled CMC patients. The clinic ran all day in the parking lot were patients were guided in their cars for vaccine injection.

Thanks to our Clinic Managers team and several outside volunteers, we had a successful clinic were more than 300 vaccines were administered. As this was the clinic’s first vaccine drive-thru, our staff were very happy to hear some patients express how impressed they were with the organization of the event.

“[My wife] and I accomplished our vaccinations on Sunday in a remarkably fast manner. We went one hour early just to see what was going to happen, and we were ushered right in, and after five minutes worth of paperwork, our shots were administered. Very friendly and knowledgeable attendants. Hopefully, the second shot process will go half as well. Our congratulations to the staff for their work. We will be awaiting notifications of the second shot on or around March 28. Hopefully, we can schedule those second shots just like the today’s, on a Sunday, midmorning.”

Capital Medical Clinic would like to thank the staff and volunteers for being so dedicated and making this available to so many on a Sunday. Great job!

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