Slide Announcing our transition to AthenaOne:
our new electronic medical record system on 5/23/2023
Although your health information will be available in our new system, our Front Desk Staff at check-in will need to scan your insurance card and driver’s license as well as complete annual registration forms during your first visit to the clinic after May 23. Please arrive 30 minutes early to allow time to complete the check-in process. We anticipate longer lines at check-in the first few weeks as our staff becomes more familiar with our new system. We appreciate your patience in advance.

Additionally, we will be transitioning to a new patient portal that is embedded in AthenaOne. Patients will receive an email with a link to register on Monday, 5/22. Online check-in and appointment scheduling functionality will be available through the portal beginning 6/5.

You will be able to access your current portal account until 5pm on May 22nd.

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